To audition for the Pomona College Choir for Spring 2022, please contact Professor Di Grazia at

Pomona College Glee Club Tour 2014 Adrien Redford.
Membership in the Choir and the Glee Club is open to all students enrolled at any of the Claremont Colleges or Claremont Graduate University by audition. Except when studying abroad, members of the Glee Club are required to be active, reliable, and strong members of the Choir or the College Orchestra for both semesters.

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The audition for the Choir is relatively light, consisting of various exercises to determine voice range and pitch memory. There is also a bit of sight reading, though nothing too strenuous. Auditions for this ensemble are during Orientation and the first few days of classes each fall. Interested students should sign up for an audition slot by clicking on the “sign up for an audition slot” link posted at the top of this page. With few exceptions (such as study abroad), students selected for the Choir should expect to participate for the full academic year; students gain most by participating for four years. Those hoping to join in the spring term should contact Professor Di Grazia no later than December 1st of the preceding fall term.

Pomona College Glee Club
Auditions for the Glee Club are held in the first week of the spring semester; expectations and specific dates are announced in late October or early November. In addition to Curtis-Bridgman_St.JohnsLA2018demonstrating strong skills during the Pomona College Choir audition, Glee Club auditionees are expected to learn their part for the assigned audition piece (distributed a few days ahead of time) and to sing it in a quartet with three other singers, each of whom sings a different part. 

Successful Glee Club auditionees are strong musicians who have shown an ability to learn a great deal of music quickly, and who have demonstrated their readiness to work within a small ensemble, where blend and musical sensitivity are essential. All members of the Pomona College Choir are encouraged to audition for the Glee Club regardless of class standing.